Mamiya 645 Pro TL

This camera is fun to use, I got it with power Grip and kit prism :

Love the sharpness quality..


~ by Jiang D on April 16, 2008.

6 Responses to “Mamiya 645 Pro TL”

  1. The colors in these photos blew me away. Is Ektacolor marketed in the US under a different name? I can only seem to find it sourced from countries like Thailand and Japan. Were these processed normally, because they really stand out from most color photos.

    • Hi Brian, I don’t know if ektacolor is marketed in US, for I know this is not a premium film. and what i use here is expired. I do by the way add to the saturation on PS. Thanks

  2. It might be E100 VS iin the States?

    I have a couple rolls of E100VS shot on 135 and it allows a small margin of error in exposure. Because I shot it through a Canon A1 with a metering system that has gone bad, a couple of my shots have weird color casts even under sunlight.

  3. Hi,
    great picture!

  4. The quality of these shots – the digital versions – are great! What is your process of getting digital files of your film? Do you scan the frames yourself, or do you have it done when you have the film processed, etc., etc.???

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