Man from okinawa

Well actually NOT from okinawa ( But He does speak japanese very well )

Mr. Kamsul is the best camera repairman in my hometown..

I visit him yesterday to fix my OM2

A Very talented man, He can fix & repair your camera whilst talking about all camera related subject.

I like to talk to him, as he will tell a story about the good ol’ day, and he usually “questioned” me and my friend Budi to stop bringing analog stuff and start bringing digital stuff.

Oh and this is the only place in my hometown where you still can bring TLR camera.

all photos taken with :

Yashica Mat 124 G

Kodak ektacolor 160

Mr. Kamsul Workshop

The man from okinawa.

I think sometimes he DO looks like a Japanese

There my OM2 is good to go now…

Thank you Mr Kamsul…


~ by Jiang D on April 25, 2008.

6 Responses to “Man from okinawa”

  1. […] Here they are, my first test roll, I got this camera with 3 lenses, but they are at Mr kamsul’s place for […]

  2. How can I find Mr. Kamsul’s place and/or phone number? I am now on my 2nd digital camera in which the lens will not function.

  3. kathy in oki

    where do you live?

  4. I too have a camera (not digital though) I wish to have repaired.
    Where/how can I find Mr. Kamsul? Can you provide a phone number/address?
    Thank you.

  5. I have a Canon XSi Digital that is not working. Are you still fixing cameras? Please give me information so I could get this one checked. I only speak English.

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