street photography, did you “got” it ?

I stumbled upon street photography when I started met some street photographers on flickr about 1 year ago… after that, I saw them everyday on my contact photo stream.. It draws my attention ever since..

it looks like an easy thing to do… just take whatever happening on the street, especially with all those Auto Focus digital camera, which you can “burst” shooting and pick 1 – 2 “lucky” shoot.


after one year observing hundreds of street photographs, I realize that there are some photographers who “got” it, and some don’t…

but I still haven’t “got” it until now…

taken with my new OM2 fuji superia 400

will I ever “get” what it takes to become one? I don’t know, and I don’t care 🙂 as my buddy budi said it’s all about process.. By the way, this budi guy.. he “got” it …

here they are…

Originally uploaded by Budi Sukmana

you can browse through all his photostream on flickr here

I’ll post more of those street photographer I knew later …


~ by Jiang D on April 30, 2008.

3 Responses to “street photography, did you “got” it ?”

  1. There are some pretty good ones here. Nice work, keep at it.

  2. Thank you jmloverink …

  3. thanks for your appreciation jiang bro 🙂

    i realise that doing street photography (& everything else) is a never ending commitment. i’m still learning and I always learn. may i don’t get bored easily.

    one more time thanks…

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