Bad OM2 ! No Film!

Here they are… my first roll of my OM2, there’s some happy part and the NOT so Happy part..

The happy part is .. I like the this camera, it’s quite small (not that small but… considering I use to bring Yashica mat124 G or mamiya 645 pro tl everywhere ), and the DOF is nice too.

and the Not so happy part is I’m dealing with a bad seller, I bought this camera on the camera forum on internet, and the seller said that’s all the camera is function perfectly.. but turn out there’s a few major problem with it.

First the prism was very dirty it got dust and dirt like a spider web..

The second is the EV compensation dial is not working like it should.. ( Mr. Kasmsul have fix it)

and the last is there’s a major problem with the shutter curtain. it has light leak on it, and it appears when you shoot after you left your front lens cap off the lens for a while .

Two picture above, is the happy part where the light leak don’t appear..

This is the not so happy part, there you can see the lights leak on the left of picture.


~ by Jiang D on May 3, 2008.

One Response to “Bad OM2 ! No Film!”

  1. sometimes it happens

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