If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next

Actually it’s already here…

Have you notice… ? NDS and PSP has already won over Children Playground everywhere…

Everytime I bring my son to go to Public Children Playground on a sunday, they’re always empty.

There are children there alright , but all of them sitting on a chair busy with their finger pushing button on their Nintendo DS or PSP….. waiting for the food they order with their parents.

So Everytime I ask my son to go to the yard, He will come back shortly asking for my companion as they’re no other kids there for him to play along with….. it Sad …..so sad..

and No, I don’t give my boy any NDS or PSP, instead I gave him otoped scooter and bicyle… oh and my old yashica FX3.






If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next


~ by Jiang D on February 13, 2009.

12 Responses to “If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next”

  1. the other thing that will ruin your kids is TV. too many “sinetron” and “infotainment” can be bad for your soul, man!

  2. oh yeah.. I forgot the link here. i thought i’ve heard the title somewhere before.

  3. I see this (people playing NDS & PSP) everywhere, no matter how old they are. To be playing with this stuff is alright but to get real is a big deal. How lucky we are with our old stuffs! 😀

    Btw I like the pictures in this series.

  4. Eric : ha ha you got me, with the title

    Danz : Thank you

  5. These shots are eerie. I like ’em. Nice work.


  6. great work! and correct observation.
    today i was at a park in brussels and i was happy with kids playing around.

  7. Chris : thank you

    peixesloucos : good for you .. 🙂

  8. you are absolutely right! We have made a commitment not to expose my two boys to those sophisticated self-centered anti social electronic games, instead I buy them bikes, sands pit, thomas & his friends, coloured pencils, lots of balls etc, including a Ricoh 500GX with a small flash :D.

    The pictures here are nicely taken too…and I agree they have eerie feeling.

  9. You are a good dad, Dick

  10. yeah, manic street 🙂

  11. im not ready yet to have one …

    kuddos to you !!

  12. Kojack, Agua, Karolus : Thank you Guys

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