One Block with eric BW version

Still from shooting with eric, this one from Olympus Om1n and Lucky SHD100 +1



The little scattered things up there is the birds.




He is shooting a couple of dogs under the truck.


That’s it,  let’s called it a day

~ by Jiang D on March 4, 2009.

11 Responses to “One Block with eric BW version”

  1. dunkin donuts, double latte, und lessons …

    hey when can I get from you guys ??? i mean the latte 😛

  2. coffee, cigarettes and rolleiflex… nice combo..8->

  3. coba dev luckynya dengan HC-110: 5 menit, 20, Dil B.

  4. 5 menit untuk EI 100, belum nyoba utk EI 200 dgn HC-110.

  5. uuhhuuyyy… segera meluncur ke bandungg…

  6. Wah foto yg nomor 1, Olympus OM1N ya? hmm I guess it’s still like in mint condition! gak ada noda-noda wajar kamera lama, atau dirawat ya Om Dicky? :))

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