miauw …. pt I

Cats I found while doing my morning walk ( yes, it’s been a month I do morning excersice  ) taken with Olympus OM1 film Lucky SHD

morning walk 14

morning walk 15

morning walk 16

morning walk 17

morning walk 18

morning walk 19

morning walk 20


~ by Jiang D on June 4, 2009.

6 Responses to “miauw …. pt I”

  1. what a great set of pics, in the b&w, the subjects really stand out. Their poses and looks seem like they had been awaiting your arrival, so you could capture the good side of their day 🙂

  2. kucing-kucingan

  3. ucing 😀

  4. great site, I found you through coolphotoblogs.org while searching for medium format cameras. I recently bought a second hand mamiya m645 and find it very inspiring to look at other peoples work.

  5. oalah.. ngumpul disini toh kucingnya,,,,

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