lonely Street


~ by Jiang D on February 9, 2011.

11 Responses to “lonely Street”

  1. Nice scences. The 4th is my favorite! Recieved a mail from Leica, my Slux-M 35mm i’d ordered last year will maybe delivered in fall or so… 😦

  2. wow, what took them so long ?

  3. official statement: the demand for products are increased, they have many arrears wich will be done now step by step (i think they stopped productions last year in case of the financial crisis) and they are now completly overstrained… wtf? are they recieving so many orders? I mean, i will have a financial caldera in my wallet for decades after buying this lens 🙂 whatever, there is no one 35mm lens in the used market. i have to wait…

  4. evilbay? *nice* 🙂 there’s just 4-5 of the old version with the “focus shift”. well, i have this little tic… i buy only used things when my photodealer says it’s okay… and i trust him. he was never fault. but i will check out the voigtlaender version, maybe it’s a good alternative.

  5. uhh right, there’s zeiss also! thx for the tip! are you a fulltime photographer or/and is it your passion?

  6. yes i see, there are great pictures. i wish i had more time for it. 8 1/2 hours in a bureau every day are not very exciting.

  7. oh dear no! i’m a stupid amateur. no, it’s also a part of me and i’m interested in social reportage. i want to enlarge this area and planning some reportages by my own. The Dalai Lama and the old woman from prague (she’s a holocaust survivor) been great expiriences for me, talk with the people and hear the storys of them. thank you, i’m glad that you like it.

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